What should I bring or have prepared for my first session?


  • As our training is positive reward based we use lots of treats and toys to reward our dogs. Please bring plenty of food for your dog, ideally cut into small pieces, approximately the size of your little finger nail. Shop bought dog biscuit type foods will be too large and too crunchy. You should try and bring a variety of food types – for example; dry kibble, chopped cheese, sausage, liver cake, sardine cake, tuna cake, chicken, ham, steak etc. Softer foods are better than hard foods that your dog has to stop and crunch up.
  • It is also helpful to have a food treat bag – many people bring drawstring bags/pouches that hang from your waist or belt and refill these from their tubs of food when they run out during the class.
  • Please also bring a couple of different toys for your dog. If they have a favourite toy, bring it along, plus some others. If it doesn’t play with toys but quite likes the feather duster or old socks for example – bring that along too!! Anything that will encourage your dog to play! If possible, bring a toy that can be thrown and a toy that can be tugged with.
  • Have a look for some fantastic toys for dog training – these come highly recommended by all of our trainers at City Paws Club – they are extremely well made, exciting and fun to play with.


  • Please bring your dog on a flat collar and lead. We encourage the use of head collars if they are used to wearing one. Please avoid bringing your dog on an extendable lead. These are too clumpy and awkward to work with in the class.
  • If you have a light long line it is a good idea to bring one of these. Your can purchase long lines which are an essential item to have in your dog training ‘toolkit’ from our online shop
  • You may also need poo bags so please bring these every week.
  • If your dog is used to settling in a crate please DO bring one along to class, with a cover for it. We will show you where to set it up.
  • If you are attending life skills/ obedience classes please bring a Crate if possible or a mat or dog bed if not as you will be using them in the exercises on the course.
  • Again, in life skills, obedience and puppy classes on some weeks you will need to bring a brush, comb or any grooming kit you use to brush your dogs coat.