At City Paws Club we have an abundance of enthusiasm and up to date training methods that we will share with you. We will take you through the various stages from starters through to masters.

Agility is for everyone and every dog, whether you want to learn for fun and fitness, or if you are interested in training towards competition level, our aim is to share our experience and skills with you in order to get the most for you and your dog.


Here at City Paws Club we offer a range of agility classes:

  • Starters
  • Improvers
  • Pre-competition
  • Masters

To begin your agility training you will join a block of starter classes, held on various days and times at both of our venues. Once you have completed your starters course, your trainer will recommend which class to progress into. Many of our more advanced classes are by invitation only which your trainer will discuss with you.

Agility All Stars

Once you’ve completed your Agility Starters classes, the next step (by invitation only) is the improver programme Agility All Stars! Get to grips with the fundamentals of agility training with our programme tailor-made to your needs. You can expect a monthly plan and regular homework all made to specifically target areas you want to improve in yours and your dog’s performance. There are so many reasons to join us at All Stars – one being the amazing supportive community that we have that provides the best environment for your team’s development in agility.

Agility Masters

Once you’ve completed your Agility All Stars Classes, the exclusive Masters programme is the next step to mastering agility skills! Our invitation-only Agility programme is specifically designed for dog-trainer partnerships looking to take their agility training to the next level. Our tailor made sessions focus on taking the fundamentals of agility training and supercharging them, allowing your team to reach your potential and more! Spend quality time with like-minded trainers and skyrocket your agility performance!