Save our River Dog Walk and Plastic Collection

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Save our River Dog Walk and Plastic Collection

Save Our River! Dog Walk & Plastic Collection is taking place on March 17th 2018 from 10 to 1pm in Fulham, London

An Alarming Plastic Footprint

95% of all ocean plastic is delivered by just 10 rivers. Whilst the Thames is not one of the worst offenders, there are still 18 tonnes of debris washed off its shores every year.

Food related packaging is the most commonly found litter in the river, representing almost 2/3 of identifiable litter. 20% of all items found on the foreshore are plastic food wrappers, with drinks bottles (10%) and their leads (10%) and cotton bud sticks (120%) in the top 5 most common items.

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Ways to tackle the issue

From the new Scandinavian craze of “plogging” (jogging whilst picking up rubbish) coming to the UK to a project aimed at investigating how single-use plastic bottles affect marine life in the river and out at sea, and a campaign to end the use of plastic straws, London communities are rallying to scale and tacke the problem.

It is also believed the use of biodegradable materials in disposable products and for packaging, such as refillable bottles or paper straws, could have a huge positive impact on the Thames.

Walk, meet people and roll up your sleeves

City Paws Club regularly organise dog-friendly activities on the Thames, including dog and human paddleboarding with Active360*. So it was only logic for us to join forces with them to highlight the issue of plastic waste on the Thames embankment.

The aim is to combine a river walk with picking up plastic and the goal to fill 50 bags.

Please join us on March, 17th 2018 from 10am to help make a difference. Complimentary pre-walk coffee at The Crabtree will be served for those signing up to the walk. The walk starts at 10.30am from just outside the pub in Fulham.

Bring your dog (if you have one, but it is not mandatory) along with a good pair of boots and protective gloves.

For more details or questions, and to confirm attendance, click HERE. 

*Active360 have since 2011 been developing Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) in London. The easy activity does not require previous watersports experience or to be a strong swimmer. The centre offers a team of experienced coaches and four venues in the capital.




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