New puppy classes

New puppy classes

Life skills 2 (6 Months & Older)

6 – 9 months old

Please email to reserve your place.

Held in our Putney training centre every Saturday at 6pm we offer obedience training for puppies 6-9 months old.

We will focus on what dog owners struggle the most, recall & loose lead walking.

By now your dog might know how to sit on cue or lie down, but we can always set the bar higher. Are you able to move away from her while she is sitting? How long can she maintain that position? There is always room to improve a behaviour!

We will work on scent work! Why? Because it’s fun! Fun for the dog, for you & it helps to keep your dog mentally stimulated. You will see how to interact & play appropriately with your dog to boost her confidence & create an unbreakable relationship for life. Finally, you will work on her body awareness, flexibility and balance. 

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Course length: 4 weeks. Cost £150

Puppy School: St Mary’s Church Hall, Putney Bridge Approach, London SW15 2JQ

Please email book your place!