Dog Friendly Aussie Cafes Putney and South London

Dog Friendly Aussie Cafes Putney and South London

The sun is finally out in London. There’s no better time to stroll along the Thames with your dog as you meander around town and settle in at a dog friendly coffeeshop. The Aussies in South London have got you covered. Dog friendly cafes are popping up south of the river in Putney, Clapham and Balham. There’s nothing like a good coffee and those who welcome dogs. You’ll find Putney at the center of the dog-friendly coffee universe.

Elle longing for a mocha at Ground Society.


Aussies have been invading London for centuries, and have brought with them some damn fine coffee products. Highly rated The Ground Coffee Society serves up a delicious home grown brew. This spot serves up fresh breakfasts that will have you energy for the day and a few tasty cakes on offer. Every establishment has different rules and if you still want to sit, stick to the main entrance area which has a long table option or enjoy outside if you bring your dog, because they are not allowed in the downstairs dining area.

If you love a celeb spotting, you’ll be pleased to know Ronan Keating and wife Storm, are partners in this cheerful quality cafe. 

We arrived around 4pm and the kitchen was closed, but we have been there to Ground Coffee Society a few times and enjoyed a hearty breakfast.

Looking for a more dog-friendly atmosphere? Pop across the street to Society Brew.

Another Aussie cafe, Society Brew also offers a nice Aussie candy selection, including my personal favorite chocolate treat, Caramelo Koalas- the belly of the koala is full of carmel. A large selection of savory items is on hand, but the biggest delight was finding an Affogato on offer. The Italian coffee drink consists of espresso poured over vanilla ice cream. A bright, open atmosphere, Society Brew is located adjacent to City Paws Club Store. The breakfest frittata gave my lunch the added weight I needed to overcome skipping breakfast. Cute tables inside and out, Society Brew is one to add to your every day route.

Mmm, frittata.

Looking for a laid back corner to snuggle with your canine kid during one of London’s moody days?

Look no further than Smugglers’ Cafe. A taste of Cornwall beach life can be found at this homey, surf themed cafe. A friendly environment, this welcoming cafe offers a large selection of Tregothnan Teas, the only teas grown in England. While less modern in decor, it is a comforting environment that you want to linger in for as long as possible.

A cozy surf vibe in the city.

The Aussie dog friendly coffeeshop invasion is a truly great one for humans and hounds. If you live in Clapham, Balham, Tooting or Stretham, chances are you’ve found your way to Brickwood. Brickwood offers a Milo Nutella Hot/Iced Coffee. That’s right. Take those words in again because the taste explosion you need with your coffee is done right at Brickwood.

Herbie of @herbieanddave knows a good coffee.

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