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24 Jun Glo Juice – Group Walk – Paddle Boarding

READY, SET, GLO! Join us for our group walk on Saturday 18th of June and then quench your thirst with one of our new cold press juices provided by Glo. Check out our menu below and see how you can get get your daily fix of goodness. The...

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16 Jun New Pricing – Lily’s Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen Lands at CPC! You spoke and we listened. We are now stocking Lily's Kitchen in our Putney store. From Training Treats and Fish Skins to a range of Dry and Wet Food. Next time you run out of food and cant wait for the...

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14 Jun Witty’s owner Julianna

I had a dog sitter for years and was fretting about finding a trustworthy replacement when she moved out of London, but then I asked around and heard great comments from other dog owners in the park about the dog sitting provided by Matt's team...

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14 Jun Ruskin’s owner Adele

Hooray! Thank you City Paws team. You've been wonderful to cockapoo Ruskin a new puppy on the block. Thanks to CP Club he has made doggie friends away from the crowded parks. We're glad we went with the daycare option now over a dog walker...

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14 Jun Teifa’s owner Filipa

My not so little english bulldog loves daycare at CPC. He knows when is daycare day and just sits in front of the door waiting for Marcus to arrive. When he does, he can't wait to go, simply runs up the stairs not even a...

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13 Jun Tick Twisters – NOW IN STOCK! Only £4.58

Following our last email about Tick Season and the recent outbreak of the tick-borne disease babesiosis. We are please to tell you we now have Tick Twisters in stock. For only £4.58 these great little devices allow you to easily and safely remove Ticks from your dog without...

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02 May Yeats’ owner Sarah

My partner and I just got a new puppy, Yeats, and with us both working, it was hard to make sure he got the socialization and exercise he really needs. After finding City Paws through a friend, Yeats started going to daycare during the week....

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02 May Louie’s owner Vanessa

I have just started using Matt and his team to look after my very lovely, but excitable Golden Retriever Louie. Louie absolutely loves it! I can't believe I haven't done this sooner. One happy and exhausted dog and one very happy and relieved owner. Matt...

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02 May Rumi’s owner Ehsan

It definitely works perfectly for Rumi as he seems pretty tired but still very happy when he comes back home. Our little daxie joined the CPC pack less than 2 months ago and it has changed his confidence dramatically since then. He seems more adventurous...

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